The Flash of Perception or the Workings of Creativity

The Flash of Perception, the hallmark of Contemplative Photography may manifest as a so called creative accident in many different settings and situations. Its recognition depends on our openness, on our preparedness to go beyond the conventional. The author compares this open mindedness with the playful mind of the trickster in aboriginal societies.

Two Ways of Seeing: The Seeing and the Seen

The difference between conventional and contemplative photography represents two perspectives with vastly different outcomes.
The former is seen as exclusive. It is based on a visual language that is primarily directed by conceptual or so called objective thinking that separates us from what we actually see.
The latter is a subjective and inclusive approach. It provides opportunities to face one’s own perceptions directly without interference by thoughts or concepts. This approach, however, requires the undoing and reorganizing of our visual habits.

Are we just Seeing-machines ?

Too much importance is given to conceptual photography that fovors technique over quality of ‘seeing’, the author contends. As a consequence the possibility of an alternative method, i.e. Contemplative Photography, is not recognized as a legitimate form of taking pictures.
The author describes briefly how and why a contemplative approach can enrich photography.