Austria is my country of origin where I grew up.

In 1969 I received my medical degree from the University of Vienna. When I emigrated to Canada in 1971 I studied at Mc Gill University and became a psychiatrist. While working I obtained a BA from Concordia University and then a postgraduate degree from Boston University.

I am also married and father of two grownup children.

In 1999 I had joined the Montreal Zen Center. Ever since I have been a student of Zen under the guidance of Albert Low, its Teacher-director.

After my retirement as a psychiatrist in 2007 I got interested in photography. A few years later, disillusioned with the limitations of conceptual photography, I discovered the unique fit between Zen practice and the practice of contemplative photography.

Zen meditation transforms not only the way we live but the approach to photography as well.

Helmut Mohelsky