More about Seeing and Photography

” Photography is not what’s important. It’s seeing. The camera,      films, even pictures, are not important. ”    Aligmantas Kezys

In More about Seeing and Photography I like to make some comments about Kezy’s quote above. I stumbled over his lines because they come from a person who is an accomplished photographer. It struck me as unusual and ambiguous.

Why does a photographer say the camera and pictures are not what’s important ?

From a conventional perspective we may find this quote contradictory because it seems to dismiss our cherished view of picture making and our attachment to pictures. From this point of view the quote is difficult to understand or just does not make much sense.

However, from a contemplative perspective it does make sense. We have said in a previous blog that contemplation is “being one with” our perceptions. When this happens we forget our selves. Who and what we are drops away and we are set free momentarily, allowing creativity to shine through. In such moments picture making is effortless and easy.

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