Contemplative Photography: A Poor Cousin ?

At first sight, contemplative photography may seem to be a poor cousin of contemporary, conceptual photography with its general appeal, glamor, prestige and technical sophistication. Because of its widespread popularity we take it for granted and believe this is all there is.

However, contemplative photography has a simplicity and ordinariness that is deceptive with regard to its depth. When looked at it from the inside, it is a profound way of ¬†‘seeing’ which is easily overlooked and discarded. Not only is this approach to picture taking unique, it also can lead to a new way of living, provided we are prepared to remove the clutter in our life.

What makes it difficult to talk about ‘seeing’ is the fact that it has no identifiable form. It is not an existing thing, not a product that can be described or defined because it can not be recognized by our senses. Neither is it abstract, rational or irrational. The significant moments of ‘seeing’, like the flashes of perception, take a fraction of a second. ¬†They can not be grasped intellectually or understood through reasoning.

These openings in our mind allow us to reconnect more deeply with ourselves in a disconnected world. They regenerate and bring joy to photography and life.

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